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Shenzhen Zhizaofeng Technology Co., Ltd.


    Shenzhen Zhizaofeng Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology enterprise that produces and sells food equipment and production lines, and smart kitchen equipment. The company has dozens of patents and produces a series of food equipment, 5G smart sales terminals and kitchen equipment. It meets the needs of food companies and catering merchants and is well received by customers.

    In 2019, based on the old equipment of  sister company Xiamen Tianjida Technology Co., Ltd., after more than three years of hard work since the establishment of the project, after several design revisions and trial and error, it has overcome many technical difficulties and nodes, and finally succeeded developed the nation's first tapioca pearl machine& taro ball maker & ultra-high capacity glutinous rice ball machine and simultaneously developed: two-colored or stuffed tapioca pearl machine and taro ball machine. At the same time, it also launched commercial ultrasonic sink dishwasher, steaming and stewing integrated machine and other key product to the market, laying a solid foundation for the company's development.


    Since its establishment, the company has independently developed: taro ball machine, high-capacity tapioca pearl &  taro ball machine & glutinous rice ball machine, two-colored and stuffed tapioca pearl, taro ball machine & glutinous rice ball machine, crystal fruit konjac dicing machine, high-speed agar jelly ball forming machine, taro deep processing machine, thousand-page tofu cutting machine, QQ dried bean curd cutting machine and other stand-alone equipment. Zhizaofeng Technology not only researches and develops stand-alone forming machines, but also works with upstream and downstream suppliers to solve the problem of equipment configuration and integration of the production line. It can also produce and supply: mixer, industrial water heater, steaming line , cooking line, stewing machine, cooling washing machine, packaging machine, IQF quick-freezing tunnel, etc.; based on the advantages of industrial integration, a series of industrialized production lines have been developed: taro ball production line, and freezing cooked tapioca pearl production line,  grass jelly production line , Crystal Fruit & Agar Jelly Ball Production Line, Taro Deep Processing Production Line, etc.


    Series of kitchen electrical equipment: commercial sink dishwasher, steaming and stewing integrated machine, tableware sterilizer, energy-saving fryer, fruit integrated cooking machine and other products.


    Our company adheres to the business principle of "people-oriented, honest management," and following market demand as the main axis; providing high-quality products and perfect services to satisfy customer's requirement. 


    We are pleased to welcome domestic and oversea friends to visit our company and cooperate with us!



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